Out of the Shadows:  A Memoir


Survival in Nazi-Occupied France and Making a Life in America



“I was five years old when I saw my parents for the last time, separated from my sister and brother, dislocated from everything familiar to me, and thrust into the hands of strangers…”Michel Jeruchim

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Out of the Shadows: A Memoir, Survival in Nazi-Occupied France and Making a Life in America

Jeruchim’s powerful memoir tells the story of the last generation of Holocaust survivors, children whose parents sent them into hiding to save them from Nazi death camps. Nearly 1.5 million children were killed between 1939 and 1945. While the exact numbers are unknown, only six to eleven percent of European Jewish children survived. Michel, his brother Simon, and sister Alice are among them.

Recent Comments:

You are a naturally open speaker on such a difficult to topic.”

Kayla D. 

Deeply engaging.”

Marc S.

Really enjoyed your talk, Michel. Learned some new information. You did a great job presenting.

Jane M.

Great and moving presentation.

Manuèle W.

Thank you Michel. I never tire of listening to you.

Andrée B.

Michel’s presentation was superb. The photos, the maps, the organization… very well done. Good fielding of the questions afterward as well. Thanks so much!

Mike C.

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